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The Center for Social Sector Analytics & Technology

Founded in 2019 as a result of a landmark intersection between the University of Washington’s School of Social Work and Washington State’s Department of Children Youth and Families (DCYF), the Center for Social Sector Analytics & Technology (CSSAT) was created with the goal of helping to address some of the most pressing information and systems challenges facing the social service sector in Washington state and beyond.

Can technology tools help streamline bureaucratic and documentation burdens on social service providers, allowing for more interaction and support for children and families?

Can data measure near real time human behavior change? Can contract performance monitoring be designed so that it is fair to both providers and service recipients?

Our Projects


Sprout Service Management Platform

Web-based application designed to streamline reporting requirements for social service providers.


Data Portal

A web tool that provides detailed, customizable data about children and families served in Washington state's child welfare system.


Analytical Case Management

A case management curriculum to help social workers in the field utilize principles of measurement, analysis, and logical reasoning.


Dependent Child Legal Representation Evaluation

An evaluation of a Washington state pilot program to understand if and how children in dependency proceedings benefit from legal representation.


Analytics & Technology for Social Service Professionals

CSSAT takes a holistic and data-driven approach to analyzing complex, high-impact systems in the social service sector.

Our work integrates systems thinking, state-of-the art quantitative analysis, and an understanding of human and institutional behavior into its methodologies, aiming to address large-scale challenges which pervade current social services delivery systems.


Data Collection in the Context of a Diverse, Non-Technical User Base as well as Data Visualization and Communication for Broad Audiences


Service Delivery System Design and Architecture, Social Service Sustainability, & Policy and Outcome-Oriented Metrology

Our Team


Jooree Ahn

Data Scientist

Jooree’s data science, technical, and social service expertise helps ensure that CSSAT activities have a sound evidence base. Jooree is a graduate of the UW School of Social Work and has also earned an MPH at UW’s School of Public Health in social and behavioral sciences.


Marie Bolstad

Director of Finance & Operations

Marie’s vast knowledge and skills in operational processes and Title IV-E helped get CSSAT off the ground and now keeps it running smoothly. Marie holds a BA in German language from Gonzaga University and an MPA from the UW’s Evans School of Public Policy & Governance.


Matt Broadhead

Lead Engineer

Matt taps his 20-plus years of experience in software engineering, computer science, and information technology to lead the engineering of the Sprout program. He holds BA in Math from Macalester College, and a Master of Language Technologies from Carnegie Mellon University.


Marshal Funk

Software Engineer

Marshal brings two decades of software developing and data management, modeling and storage expertise from work in both small start ups as well as large companies including Amazon. He holds a BS from Kansas State University in history and a computer science minor.


Joe Mienko

Chief Scientist

Joe has experience as a social worker and a researcher in the child welfare system. He has studied predictive analytics as well as machine learning and data presentation for social service professionals. Joe holds an MSW and a PhD from UW’s School of Social Work.


Erik Oien

Data Scientist

Erik’s background is in child welfare and data science. He has worked in residential care in the child welfare system and has experience managing child welfare administrative data. He holds a BA from Evergreen State College and an MSc from The London School of Economics.


John Subaykan

Software Engineer

John brings over 20 years of software development in various industries as well as engineering team leadership and technical program management experience. He holds a BS in civil engineering from the University of Washington.


Lucy Yang

Software Engineer

Lucy has worked as a software engineer in various fields including biotech, data visualization, and is excited to learn and contribute more to the social work space. She holds a BS from University of California San Diego in biology and a computer science minor.


Sarah Yatsko

User Advocate/Business Analyst

Sarah brings a decade of direct service experience in juvenile court and child welfare systems and another conducting research in criminal justice and public education. She holds a BA from Loyola University in English Literature and an MPA from UW’s Evans School of Public Policy.

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